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About Little Leaders'

Located at 330 Lynhurst Drive, Atlanta, Georgia, Little Leaders Academy of Arts was established in 2015. Little Leaders’ Academy of Arts offers a variety of program alternatives to meet the needs of today’s families. Programs include a full-time infant and toddler program, full and part-time preschool programs, before and after-school enrichment programs, and a summer camp program for school-aged children.

We provide a warm, nurturing, and secure environment. Because we are aware that are several childcare facilities to choose from, Little Leaders Academy of Arts offers families a childcare program that includes a solid educational foundation that your child can build upon, along with technology, arts, dance, music, karate, and other fine arts that have been scientifically proven to enhance learning skills in children. Information and communication are available at our fingertips in today's technological society. Thus, education must move forward in new directions toward more creative thinking. We must acknowledge that we are part of a global society. If children are to be prepared to live and function in the twenty-first century, we must be able to incorporate nontraditional and expanded ways of educating.


We have a team of experienced early childhood educators. Their passion and love for children are vital to our successful program. Continuing educational opportunities are provided to keep them current on the latest and most recent research and techniques. All of our staff members are certified in CPR and First Aid. Our low teacher/student ratio encourages participation in each child and enables teachers to get to know each child individually.


Education is a shared responsibility between both childcare providers and parents. We try to keep parents informed of their children’s progress and development. We also provide a written daily report informing parents what their child learned and how they behaved. Parent involvement is encouraged and expected. Diversity in all families is valued and celebrated. Since learning is enhanced by optimum mental, physical, and emotional health, children are taught from the beginning the importance of a healthy balance of nutrition, exercise, rest, work, and play.



"Our child-centered curriculum, and classroom environment, along with our dedicated parents and teachers, grant us the ability to measure and enhance your child’s social, emotional, and cognitive growth.


Parents have peace of mind knowing their children are cared for by dedicated, educated, teachers who are passionate about your all children on a secure campus."


-Little Leaders' Director



Choosing the right caregiver is never an easy decision. The experience and nurturing spirit was evident at first contact.


Little Leaders just felt like home. It was right for my family!



-LLA Parent

Enrichment & Arts | Upcoming Events

Spanish Classes


Join us every Tuesday afternoon, as our Academy turns into a Spanish speaking haven! All ages are exposed to more than one language to increase diversity and minimize future language barriers.

Music Lessons


Have you ever seen the Academy become a concert? Well, on Thursdays our music instructor teaches students to become little music professionals, composers, and 'geniuses'! 

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