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Ms. Shondra Collins



Hello Community,

My name is Shondra Collins. I am dedicated to this industry and have committed almost two decades of my adult life to ensuring children receive a fighting chance at life; I believe in equality. I also believe in putting in the work and building things from the ground up. This is how I built my career. I began my journey into this industry as a floater and a cook. Then I progressed to a teacher, assistant director and finally a director.


To you, I bring twelve years of leadership experience as a director. I am a natural leader and love what I do! I have operated several centers throughout the years. Though developing and gaining experience took time, it nurtured and molded me into the passionate person I am today. I consider myself a childcare veteran; however, I am a work in progress; life never ceases to amaze me! I learn a lot of new things each day from our families, teachers, and especially our little ones! I truly believe each child is special and must be treated as such.


I pride myself on my leadership skills and ability to remain humble.  I possess and operate by key characteristics guiding my life and outputs.  I keep my morals and standards high and expect the same from our team.

Working in this field is the most rewarding job I’ve worked. It brings my heart joy knowing I make a difference in the lives of the children and families I serve. I possess a Child Development Associate Credential and am currently a Bachelor of Business Management candidate. I always try to become a better me by giving back to the community to make a difference.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, listening to music, being outdoors, reading, exercising, and crocheting.


My email:


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