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Our Philosophy


The basic philosophy of Little Leaders’ Academy of Arts is that education is enhanced through music and arts, and that all children should have the opportunity to participate in the arts throughout their childhood and educational journey. Studies have shown that children, who participate in arts and music, excel in their education and learning.




Our Mission


Little Leaders’ Goal is to provide a solid foundation in reading, math, and science in order for each child to succeed at their respective age level. Each child will have the opportunity to participate in dance, art, karate, Spanish, and physical education activities. Our next goal is to provide continuing education and professional development for our Staff and Director to maintain a high rate of retention.


Our Staff will provide individual and group instruction that will assist each child in meeting or exceeding the basics needed to succeed in school. We will do so by monitoring and ensureing that each child is exercising and developing their Creative Skills, Cognitive Skills, Listening Skills, Speaking Skills, Literacy Skills, Mathematics, Motor Skills, Fine Motor Skills, Sensory Skills, Social Skills, Thinking Skills, and Problem Solving to name some of many. Last, we want to ensure that we provide great services at affordable prices because we are aware of how expensive childcare can be.


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